We have really had a very busy, hard working week in Class 3 this week – from writing some amazing diary entries as Erin to gaining lots of knowledge about fractions, from finding out about coastal erosion, fossils and Mary Anning in Science to some fab discussions about Internet Safety for Safer Internet Day – we really have not stopped!

I am not going to set any extra homework this week – I think you all need a rest after all your hard work!! Please still remember to read at least 3 times and practice your times tables.

Below is information about our half term homework….you have until Friday 4th March to complete it but you might want to get thinking….

Half Term Homework

To link with our work on Coasts, I would like you to find out about a coastal town /a coast of your choice….you can present the information however you want, as a poster, a map, a leaflet, a model or a presentation…. Maybe you could make a model showing the cliff and the different features!…maybe you could pretend to be a television presenter and make a video live from Hornsea!….maybe you could even make your own model of Black Rock!

You can upload your finished work to seesaw or bring it into school – I can’t wait to see what you create!

Have a think about the following questions to help with your research…(you don’t have to find the answers to them all)

Where is the town situated in the UK?

Can you find out about the coast – what coastal features does it have – a stack? an arch? any caves?

What things can you do in the town?

How has the town changed over time?

Have a look at the following photos for some inspiration….there is even one made of cake!!

Have a fab half term holiday when it comes!!

What a busy week!! (+ half term homework)

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