We have had a fab first week back – we have started to look at non-chronological reports in English and we have learnt how to add and subtract fractions in Maths. We had great fun using Rubik’s cubes to calculate fractions and we enjoyed seeing our tweet being shared by Rubik’s cube official!


This week we have also started our Science topic of Electricity. We started by looking at things that use electricity and talked about which use mains electricity and which use battery power. For your homework challenge this week, I would like you to see if you can find any electrical appliances at home and tell me about whether they use mains electricity or battery power. You could do this as a list, as drawings, as photographs or as a video – remember to upload your work to seesaw so we can share it in our next science lesson.

Please also remember your bag and fruit for our flight to Italy on Wednesday (further details below)

First Week Back (+Homework)

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