Class 3 have had another amazing week.

In English, we have been very busy writing our non-chronological reports about Italy. I am so impressed with how hard the children have worked and the knowledge they have gained.

Thank you to everyone who helped with homework, it has really helped to enhance their work! We plan to get the reports finished today (Friday) and I will post them on seesaw soon.

In Maths we have continued our tricky work on Fractions, we now know how to add and subtract simple fractions and also how to find fractions of amounts – I’m really impressed how hard they have been working.

We also had great fun starting our Computing unit looking at creating our own computer games. The children loved evaluating existing ones and then starting to make their own.


This week, we have started to work on our whole class guided reading text, ‘The Twits’. The children are thoroughly enjoying the story and we had lots of fun exploring the main characters Mr and Mrs Twit. For homework, I would like you to re-read the story so far using the PDF of the story below, and then make/draw/paint a picture of one of the two main characters. You can do this using any media you want. Perhaps you could make Mr Twit’s beard showing everything it in or you could paint Mrs Twit with her walking stick. Finally, can you add labels using parts of the text to show details of their character?

Finally, this week’s Quick Start if you want another go at home…

Weekly Round-up (+ homework)

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