Well done to everyone who made a great start to our VE Day work and celebrations, many of you worked so hard, I’ve seen some fab bunting all ready for Friday, maps of countries involved and some amazing diary entries. They are brilliant snapshots of events in the current world and in years to come will be real history.

Rosie did some role play!

Can anyone crack Maisie’s code?

As I said in yesterday’s post, our VE Day theme is continuing today so please continue with the activities set and see which challenges you can complete, continuing to have fun along the way!…I do have a little treat for you though….

Extra Special Challenge

I’ve got an extra special challenge just for Class 3 today…Clare from Dancestars has made us a special VE Day dance to learn! Why not learn it as a family for your party tomorrow. I would love to see your dance routines!


I have also added a few more templates, some recipes for your party food, and a word search to seesaw if needed. Tom said the spitfire didn’t fly too well so I have also found a new one, I wonder if this one flies any better!?! I look forward to seeing your posts.

Remember to also post your party photos on seesaw tomorrow!

Have a fab Bank Holiday VE Day. Stay safe Mrs A x

Home Learning 7.5.20

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