Wow Class 3, VE Day was celebrated in some amazing ways. My seesaw feed was filled with parachute investigations, bunting, paper airplanes, morse code, baking and dancing – I was so impressed. You should feel very proud. Here is just a small snap shot of some of the things that were happening in your homes around Brandesburton…Enjoy!

Well done to Phoebe for solving Maisie’s morse code message, can anyone solve Nancy and Arthur’s?

Today’s Challenges

So its another week, I hope we are all ready for some more amazing learning. After all our fab work on George’s Marvellous Medicine and also on Fractions, we need to start new English and Maths units and also complete more work based around our Healthy Lifestyles theme. Let’s get started….

English – At the moment, rainbows are everywhere, they are seen as a symbol of hope in these strange times. So I thought we would base this week’s English work on the rainbow and write some descriptive poems.

Today I would like you to think of nouns to link to each colour of the rainbow, you will need three ideas for each colour. For example, a red bus, an orange traffic cone, the long green grass. Keep your ideas safe and also upload them to seesaw as we will need them on Wednesday to write our poems. Try to make your ideas as varied as you can. Be creative…

PE – After our amazing assault course ideas, I thought we could do some circuit training this week. Think back to Autumn Term, and the activities we completed with Cross Fit Barbaric. Lots of these activities could be completed in your garden or living room. This might be a good warm up to get you started, can you use your name to get warmed up?

Next, try some of the following activities. Do each one for 30 seconds and then move onto the next one. You might want to record how many you complete in the time and then repeat the activities later in the week and see if you can beat your score.

Remember to cool down at the end. Have fun!

Mrs A

Home Learning 11.5.20

2 thoughts on “Home Learning 11.5.20

  • I really liked this week because VE day was very fun also I really liked the video. I really liked the challenge were we made our parachute and the map ? of Georges farm. From Pippa xxx

  • Morning Class 3!
    Thank you for the amazing video Mrs Altoft. I am so impressed with the amazing work, cool dancing and fantastic art.
    Keep going class 3!

    Mrs L

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