Well done Class 3, there was even more amazing learning taking place in Brandesburton yesterday. I loved seeing your fab PE lessons containing lots of bear walks, balancing and jumping. I also saw some brilliant language ideas linked to the colours of the rainbow. Please keep your ideas safe because you will need them on Wednesday.

A big shout out to Lacey who presented her work beautifully and also Tom and Olivia who did their full names, including middle names, for the name workout challenge! Well done guys!!

I also loved seeing more VE Day posts from over the weekend. Can anyone solve Reuben’s morse code message?

Right, lets get onto today’s work….

Home Learning

Maths – We are going to move onto a new Maths unit looking at telling the time. Your challenge today is to make your own clock so you can use it to help with our work.

In Year 3, you need to be able to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes. Use your clock to practice. I have added some slides to seesaw to help you. The following games may also be useful.



Keep your clock safe as you will need it later in the week.

Science – After looking closely at the skeleton, next we need to move onto looking at muscles. Muscles are needed to help us move. Watch this video to find out more.

Can you make an information sheet, poster or piece of writing to explain how our muscles work? You might even want to try to make a model to help your explanation. Have fun!

I am in school today so will catch up with your seesaw posts after school – I look forward to seeing what you have created!!! Mrs A x

Home Learning 12.5.20

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