Class 3 – Wow! – You are seriously good graphic designers!! I saw some amazing menus yesterday and some very sensible pricing ideas…wraps, baguettes, meal deals and even NHS Special Offers!

Have a look for yourself….

Big shout out to James who has taken his market research very seriously and been to look at the different produce available for his sandwich shop…buy from British Farmers!

Today’s Challenges

Design – Right class 3, the time has come, your market research is done, your shop frontage is finished, the shelves are stacked and your menus and price lists are back from the printers…just one last thing to do….design your opening day special offer sandwich!

What sandwich will you DESIGN and MAKE to bring those customers through the door???

Today I would like you to design and make me a sandwich. Any sandwich you wish…discuss your ideas with your grown up at home and have a think about what you could make, what bread will you use? what filling will you add? Will it be a traditional sandwich or something new….its all up to you!

Please spend some time designing and then making your sandwich, remember to take some photos of the making process and your finished sandwich…have fun!

Friday Treat – What else could we have for a Friday Treat…you have just made sandwiches so now it is time to eat them…have yourself a little picnic, it might be in the garden, in a den in the living room or somewhere on a walk…wherever you choose, enjoy your sandwich, send me a photo and have fun!

Also have a fun half term…stay safe…miss you all xx

Ps. I had to share this…date night over facetime…it made me smile so much (don’t be mad with me for posting it!)!!!!

Home Learning – 22.5.20

One thought on “Home Learning – 22.5.20

  • Awww Wow – virtual date night – Annabelle & Thomas – you are adorable – how you had a great date!!
    Love seeing James C on the farm & everyone else’s brilliant Sam’s sandwich work!
    Well done Class 3!
    Mrs B x

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