I hope you all had a fab half term holiday and enjoyed the sunshine!! I also hope you are ready for some more fab home learning?!?!

If you can remember back to your last set of challenges…they were all about sandwiches. Class 3 I was so impressed, if I had known you were so good at making bread and sandwiches I would have had you making my lunches everyday since September!! Here is the proof of your fab skills…

I must also show you Leo’s fab video…it made me smile!! (make sure you have the sound on)

This half term….

So, today we should be in school starting the last half term of Class 3 and I am really gutted this will not be happening. However, more children will be returning to school over the next few weeks and so will I, along with most of our teachers. Because we are returning, it would be very tricky to keep going with each class blog so this will be the last week it will work like this and we will move to a more whole school approach next Monday.

I will post more details of this as the week progresses, for now, lets get on with a fab week of learning….

Today’s Challenges

English – Today we are going to use a video for our English work, I have chosen this because it links to our science work but is also a little bit funny and random! Firstly, have a look and enjoy….you might want to pause the video like we would in school and talk about what is happening and what you predict will happen next…

When you have watched it, I would like you to write, draw, storyboard even film what you think happened next???? Do they get their teeth back? Do they have a fight? Do they fall in? I can’t wait to see your ideas!

Science – As you may have guessed, today’s Science work is about teeth. Can you find out about the different types of teeth in our mouths and the different jobs they do? Watch this video as a starting point…

Your challenge is to make a poster or information sheet about the different types of teeth.

Have a great day x

Home Learning 1.6.20 (Monday)

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