Class 3, it was fab to see so many of you back online yesterday. I was really impressed last night when I sat down to read and watch all of your story endings. So many good ideas, from sharks, to dentists, from old boots to toffees, you had thought of it all!! You also know lots about teeth…Well done guys! Have a look and a watch for yourself….

Teeth’ Endings

Videos…First up Nancy and Arthur…Great film guys, more oscar winning acting!

Phoebe next…Glad to see you roped Isabel in!

Alasdair and Lachlan have been filiming again…Look out for Nessie in this one!

Finally, this animation is so clever…I love the way the divers ‘disappear into the water!’

Facts about Teeth

Today’s Challenges

Maths – This week we are going to tackle the shape objectives from the maths curriculum, starting with 2D shapes.

1.How many 2D shapes can you name? Can you use the shape cards on seesaw to match up the shapes and their names – perhaps you could play it like a matching pairs game with someone at home?

2. Can you use mathematical language to describe any of the shapes below? Think about the number of sides, the lengths of the sides and the size of the angles – are all the angles the same? Perhaps you could describe one for someone else to guess?

3. Can you to go on a shape hunt? I would like you to take photos of 2D shapes around your house and annotate the photos using mathematical language to describe them? Perhaps you could use pic collage to add your annotations or maybe write your annotations on a piece of before you take the photo and then upload it straight to seesaw.

Try to think about the number of sides, the lengths of the sides and the number of angles when adding your annotations….I wonder what you will find around your house? Can anyone find an octagon or a pentagon?

Geography – So far in Geography this term we have looked at where in the world different food comes from, today we are going to look closely at different countries and complete some research using atlases and the internet. Can you choose a country and find out the following information about it? Don’t include the name of your country on your information as I will post some of your fact files tomorrow and then we can see if we can work out other people’s countries…

Good Luck searching….(both on the internet for facts and around your house for shapes!)

Home Learning 2.6.20 (Tuesday)

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