Class 3 I must start with saying thank you so much for my lovely treats yesterday…you are so kind…they were very yummy!!! Mike took a sneaky picture of me eating a piece!!

You all did so well with yesterday’s challenges. I loved your shape pictures. You thought of very creative ways of doing the more trickier shapes. I didn’t know a 50 pence piece was a heptagon! I must share Pippa’s fab video with you, another person who has become very good at making videos while you have all been at home…

Your Geography work was so good, I have turned it into a challenge below! I loved this photo of Nancy and Arthur completing this task…fab home learning guys!

Today’s Challenges

Maths – After all your fab Maths yesterday, I thought we would keep with this subject and move straight onto 3D shapes. I have added a matching pairs game to Seesaw if you want to recap the names of the shapes. This video may also be useful…

Today I would like you to make some 3D shapes at home and photograph them adding name labels and annotations to describe them. Can you tell me the number of faces, edges and vertices? For example….

You might want to use playdough, card, construction toys, cocktail sticks, lollysticks, things in the garden, junk modelling, or even spaghetti and marshmallows. I can wait to see which shapes you do and what materials you use!

Geography – Today’s challenge is made by yourselves! Can you use an atlas and the internet to find out which countries everyone researched yesterday?

Well-being Wednesday – Today I thought we would have a bit of a quiet, relaxing well-being activity (Just to give your parents chance for a cup of tea!) Can you complete one, or both of these activities?

They are designed to get you thinking a little bit whilst doing something you enjoy at the same time…have a look at them both, which takes your fancy?

I have also added some mindfulness colouring to seesaw for you to complete while you are listening to your song or watching your movie. Have a lovely chill out and relax!

Home Learning 3.6.20 (Wednesday)

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  • WE GET TO WATCH A MOOOOVIEEEEEE, HOOOORAYYYYYYYY ?????????????????? Thank you Mrs Altoft x

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